Our environmental commitment

Heart of our business is timber processing, raw material recognized for its environmental qualities. Therefore Oberflex commits itself to the environment, beyond the legal or regulatory constraints, throughout the life cycle of our product design to its end of life. and accompanies its customers in their own environmental procedures.


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Oberflex is PEFC certified, a label which guarantees that wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests. Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) ensures sustainable forest management through internationally recognized common rules. Oberflex, major economic player involved in the timber directs, through PEFC certification, its choice of raw material supply.

Download here the PEFC certificate for Oberflex.

In 2010, Oberflex has obtained FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This label provides a credible link between raw material supplied from controlled harvesting forests and a responsible production process. FSC certification enables to make an informed choice towards product issued from environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management and manufacturing process. This certification, obtained through a process undertaken earlier this year, now enables Oberflex to satisfy HQE/LEED projects requirements and to optimize its assets on domestic and international markets.


Download here the FSC certificate.




All our products are designed to minimize their environmental impact, upstream from the choice of materials and methods of processing the product to take into account the recycling of product end of life, through the use phase of the product itself.

One of our research aims to reduce formaldehyde emissions from our products, already well below regulatory limits, and progressive substitution of new polymers with urea-formalhyde resins currently used.

Reasonable Management

Our environmental approach takes into account the life of our production site and the entire life of our company:

  • Logistics optimization to reduce the impact of transport
  • Choice of suppliers themselves engaged in an environmental approach
  • Insulation production premises
  • Optimization of storage materials
  • Sorting waste at source (workshop) and development
  • Energy recovery through a biomass boiler
  • Local thermal management, optimization of the fleet
  • Encouraging tele- or video-conferences
  • etc.

Carbon Footprint

In order to have greater visibility on its environmental approach, Oberflex has commissioned its carbon footprint, issued in January 2010.

It will allow the company to identify new areas for improvement and will be repeated regularly to demonstrate the merits of the policies in place to minimize the impact of business growth on the environment and improving our environmental performance at equivalent level of activity.

Contribution LEED, BREEAM and HQE

Oberflex, through its products’ command, provides precise answers useful for the environmental performance evaluation of a construction project. Theses answers are referring to material characteristics, energy consumption, maintenance and utilization comfort.

H.E.Q. approach (High Environmental Quality)
For HEQ buildings, Oberflex products do contribute to the following criteria:
• Air quality
• Acoustic comfort
• Visual comfort
• Energy management
• Low nuisance job sites
• Maintenance
• Recycling in the end of life

LEED certification
Oberflex has been a member of the USGBC (US Green Building Council) since 2009. Oberflex products contribute towards the following
LEED Credits:
• Recycled contents
• Certified woods
• Indoor environmental quality

Download Oberflex LEED credits

BREEAM criteria
• Energy consumption
• Transportation
• Visual comfort
• VOC emissions
• Acoustic performances
• Environmental impacts
• Waste management
• Recycling

For more information regarding Oberflex products performances and their specific participation towards credits or criteria, see detailed datasheets on oberflex.com.

Recycled wood

The recycled wood, an additional contribution to the sustainable management for our timber resources. 40% particles panels used by Oberflex for the manufacture of its decorative panels are made from recycled wood.
The wood comes from clean recycled packaging, building demolition, old furniture or panels made of wood. It is first released from its impurities (iron and non ferrous) and then is crushed to the size desired for the production of panels.
Wood recycling is free of inert material (paper, plastic, textile, glass, mirror, pebbles, insulation materials, drywall, PVC, clay, bitumen, foam, rubber, stone, etc.) and it does not chemically treated wood.

Download here LEED Credits specification