A real culture of innovation

The Oberflex process was born out of the meeting of traditional savoir-faire, the selection and assembly of wood veneers, and the perfecting of the hot-press lamination process, which gives the surface of our panels their exceptional strength.


Since then, Oberflex has constantly enhanced its product range by its approach of ongoing innovation, with the annual launch of new collections that take advantage of all the possibilities of the process in order to create brand-new colours and material/surface effects: pastel, brightened or fluoro colours, gouged, hammer-finished, or sanded textures…


Oberflex is extending this approach by becoming a regular partner in Designer’s Days, the most important French event in the promotion of design, to give a life-size demonstration of the aesthetic qualities and technical possibilities of its products.


In 2007, Oberflex entrusted the agency 5.5 Designers with the design of an innovative range of acoustic panels, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by a new and exclusive production tool. The result:  25 models with motifs inspired by natural or textile-related elements, greeted with a Design Trophy at Batimat 2007 and the Prize for Innovation at Equip’Hôtel 2008.


At the same time, the Oberflex Research and Development department works on the continuous improvement of the production process in order to optimise its performance in both economic and ecological terms. This policy of integrated sustainable development, from eco-design to the management of production waste and products’ end-of-life, forms one of the key points of our quality management system.