Acoustic treatment

A very vast majority of the Oberflex range references are eligible to receive acoustic treament (Obersound or Ekosound). Until today, this acoustic treatment was limited to a very small number of perforation motifs (round and square perforations) and rhythms.

Oberflex updating operations with the use of a pointing tool system, allowing for a very wide selection of motifs, have led Oberflex to initiate an innovation approach in this domain – this includes the agency 5.5 Designers being entrusted with the mission of coming up with a completely new range of contemporary decorative acoustic panels which would revolutionise totally the offer and the approach of this type of product.

Discover the Obersound range, collections 5.5 Designers.

Our research office is available to you to aid you in your study of every specific acoustic perforation project with all of the products that are listed in our range.

Some Oberflex references (acoustic surface) :