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Sample request

Just as there does not exist two identical layers, there are no two identical projects. This is why Oberflex provides, on request, samples for each of the references listed in its catalogue.

Short turnaround times

You can order up to 5 samples:

Directly on the website - rubric « panneaux de bois » (« wood panels ») and « nuancier » (« display chart »)

Or by telephone / fax

Big format samples

If necessary, Oberflex can make big format samples available to you in order to better understand the aesthetic and the rendering of the product.

Matching a sample

The Oberflex laboratory offers dye and oil counter-samples, allowing a more close-up representation of the original vision of the architect / the designer. Integrated at our Research and Development post, every year it distributes to our clients many hundreds of samples and products with a manufacturing timeframe of a number of days to a number of weeks according the availability of the fuel and the complexity of the work that is necessary.