Logistics and delivery

French business based in Bar-Le-Duc, Oberflex is represented on th entire territory of France, by seven people who are each responsible for a different region. They are the indispensable interface between our distribution partners and project ownership, and between final clients and the factory.

Territorial presence

This territorial presence allows Oberflex to deliver to our clients our ready-to-be-layered product (including reveneering, dimensioning, exceptional cuts and impacts resistance) on the same location as the site; and, if appropriate, to speed up the efforts of the aides commissioned to orient and train the persons responsible for laying operations.

Reserves for the following up of projects

With recurrent sites and sites which require an inspection every so often (hotels, businesses and services with multiple branches…), Oberflex has on offer a storage capacity which allows for the optimal-conditions preservation of a certain quantity of panels with characteristics which are defined exactly by the responsibilities booklet, as well as rapid response to requests.