Oberflex technical department

Consisting of our research bureau and our Research and Development centre, the Oberflex technical department is composed of 10 people based on our production site, where they play a fully involved role in the elaboration of our products.

It unites specialists in the wood sector, construction professionals and experts in the domain of regulation and normalisation (environment in particular).

Upstream and downstream assistance

Oberflex makes the resources of these professionals freely available to its clients and those in charge of the projects that they are involved in. They are in the position to intervene in all kinds of projects:

  • Upstream: working on their technical optimisation: equipment, calepinage, exceptional impacts and abrasions…
  • Downstream: providing assistance backed up by experience with Oberflex products: reveneering with various types of support, hygiene and security, advice with thorough bending, panels repositioning, maintenance, etc.