A stringent quality management system

The unanimously acknowledged aesthetic qualities of Oberflex products are the result of rigorous selection of the finest types of wood from the world’s top suppliers.

PEFC certification guarantees that all our wood comes from sustainably managed forests.


Each batch of veneer sheets comes from a single log in order to ensure maximum homogeneity in terms of colour and structure. Thanks to the precise slicing involved, a single log may provide several thousand square meters of veneer: 1m3 of wood gives an average of 1500m2 of veneer.


Upon receipt, each package of veneer sheets is opened by hand and checked by the naked eye in order to remove any non-standard sheets or batches and prevent any aesthetic fault.


The sheets display different structures depending on whereabouts in the slicing process they come from: the “slabwood” or the “squared” part. They are then sorted by colour and joined in a number of ways: regular if we are looking for a “cabinetwork” effect (a symmetrical or repeated motif) or irregular if a “massive” effect is sought. The sheets of wood are prepared in this way before receiving the special treatment that will turn them into an Oberflex product.


At this stage, the veneer may benefit from a surface treatment that will make the product extremely hard-wearing.

A number of finishes are available: matt or satin, silk, sanded or relief.

So many effects, all intended to meet the expectations of our clients and enhance our range of panels, to which we may add aesthetic and acoustic perforations, standard or customised.


A final manual check on the finished product allows us to discard any product displaying a fault in its appearance or technical quality. Since Oberflex doesn’t supply seconds, the waste material is valorised in our biomass boiler, which supplies our workshops with their basic energy.