. The Ober family creates the company.


. Oberflex® panel invention.


. The company becomes OBER.


. LBO by the current management, Etienne de la Thébeaudière, Clément Lescanne and Gilles Vedel.
. Launch of the Ober Deck flooring material, inspired by the Marine industry


. Listed on the Stock Exchange
. Acquisition of the Marotte company , specialised in top-of-the-range cabinetwork panels.
. Launch of Bioply and 3DPLY, collections of unfinished veneer panels.
. Launch of the Textured Woods collection, wood or metal panels to replicate the effects of creative textures and surfaces (gouged, clawed, hammered, seawood, gator effect…)


. Launch of a new acousticpanels collection “Obersound  collection 5.5 Designers”, which totally rethinks the aesthetic approach of acoustic perforation
. Design Trophy, Batimat 2007"


. Oberflex et 5.5 Design Studio are rewarded during the Trophées du Design (Design Trophies)


. Acquisition of a majority of Tunisia based Stramica's assets and business activities
. Oberflex representative office in Dubaï
. Oberflex representative office in Singapour
. Launch of Chic&Pop, a collection of all-new colours, inspired by the Fashion industry.


. Creation of Stramiflex company in Tunisia
. Oberflex representative office in New York


. Oberflex receives the gold medal of Trophées du Design during Batimat 2011


. Launch of a new suspended ceiling system "Tectonique 5.5", designed in partnership with 5.5 Design Studio
. Launch of "PurePaper" brand, proposing inovative decorative laminate collections.


. Launch of a new acoustic solution : "Obersound micro-perforated" panels
. Launch of "Surface Utile", a new magnetic wood panels solution which can be written on.
. Oberflex representative office in London 
. Ober receives the 1st price in Innovation Trophies from the INPI
. Ober receives the medal of the Ministère du Redressement Productif by French Minister Arnaud Montebourg


. Oberflex representative office in Hong-Kong
. Coming soon: New collections...