Implementation and maintenance

Manipulation and laying

A big part of the added value of Oberflex products lies in their elaboration from authentic wood veneering. This natural and living raw material has received specific treatment rendering it extremely resistant to abrasion, piercing, humidity and wear and tear from the majority of modern maintenance products. This great mechanical resistance is a true advantage during the laying stage.

Durability and usage resistance

Layered under good conditions, the Oberflex are extremely resistant to wear and tear, and they have a lifespan estimated at several decades, even in very active environments such as hotels or public areas. In order that its techncial and durability qualites may be optimised, usage of this high quality product ce produit must recognise the adherence of a number of precautions.

Finishing and maintenance

The decor face of the Oberflex panels, consists of real natural wood laying, with an inimitable quality, protected by a resin (Overlay) which gives it exceptional resistance qualities.

Thin edge banding operations conducted using the same essences and with the same finishing, but not including the kraft nucleus: these allow for a finishing with no aesthetic rupture caused to any article of furniture or arrangement.

The high resistance factor of their surface and the non-porosity of the Oberflex panels allow for the use of all maintenance products, including acetoe and anti-graffiti products.

Consult directly the operation guides for each family of products in the « Panels » rubric