Fire rating


Oberflex is the first manufacturer to have obtained the Euroclasse B classification (very limited fire contributor) for its reveneered wood layer panels, in conformance with the new European norm for fire treatment classification introduced in 2002. Since the beginning of 2010, Oberflex has worked toward the classification of its entire range according to this norm.

This new classification is expected to progressivly replace the old national fire classification (M2, M1…). It is first and foremost a requirement for the implementation process with the regulated openings (establishments received from the public, high-rise flats, etc.) and for obtaining the CE label.

This new classification for materials’ reaction to fire, is subject to the satisfaction of real usage condition trials which are very different from those of the national classification « M ».

Download the document « Understanding and Knowing the Euroclasses »

It is agreed that all Oberflex products can be ordered vis-a-vis classification M1 (panels to be reveneered, panels that are ready to be layered).



IMO – fire reaction classification in the maritime sector

One of the most difficult standards to acheive (IMO: International Maritime Organisation - for cruise ships)

IMO certification is applied based on the international Fire Test Procedures (FTP) code along with the MED (Marine Equipment Directive).

In order to obtain this certification, Oberflex successfully passed ignition and toxicity tests, as well as smoke development measurements.

The IMO certificate covers all leisure boats and merchant vessels.