HQE project

For a number of years, Oberflex has been initiating a global environmental campaign. By the same token, the company has begun listing all of the characteristics of its products; going as far as contributing to a HQE project.

  • Acoustic comfort: perforated products with Obersound and Ekosound ranges
  • Minor problems site: products that are ready to be layered; dimensioned in the factory…
  • Visual comfort: aesthetic qualities of wood, a living and natural raw material
  • Energy management: wood isolating qualities
  • Maintenance: maintenance facility, product durability longer than several decades

Oberflex makes the resources of its technical department available to its clients who wish to initiate HQE projects.

Oberflex is also committed to the reduction of formaldehyde emissions from its produits, which first and foremost conform to the product legal norms, and the temporary substitution of urea-formol resins with resins that do not generate harmful emissions.