Commercial documentation


Oberflex edits the catalogue of its reference products every year – more than 40 types of fuel and 600 declinations of dyes, textures and finishings: laminated wood panels to be reveneered, stratified wood panels ready for use, gross wood plating to be reveneered, floor solutions, ceilings, acoustic panels… Don’t hesitate to ask us what you want when you contact our business department.

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Since 2004, Oberflex has focused its innovative efforts equally on the technical aspects of its products and on the aesthetic renovation of what it offers. Every year, new collections come to light every day: Textured Wood Collection, Natural shades, Obersound collection 5.5 Designers (Batimat 2007 design price), Chic & Pop collection


Presented in trade shows, specialist press and global architecture and design events, our collections are regularly acclaimed for their quality and innovative aspects. To be informed of pre-releases of our new collections and events in which Oberflex is participating, or to receive pre-release documentation on our collections in advance, we urge you to get in contact with our business department.