Wood ceiling tiles. Two formats: 600 x 600 mm and 1200 x 600 mm. Available in perforated or plain tiles.

The product


JOINTING Straight-grain veneers bookmatched


DIMENSION 594 x 594 mm (23.38” x 23.38”)
SUBSTRATES particle board
THICKNESS substrate: 16 mm (0.62”) • total thickness of the tile: 18 mm (0.70”)
PERFORATIONS Ø = 8 mm • Centre distance 16 mm
Ø = 8 mm • Centre distance 32 mm

8 x 32 mm - aw = 0,30 (PV n° 99A 577)
8 x 16 mm - aw = 0,75 (PV n° 99A 575)

consult the acoustic performances

FIRE RATING M1 (PV n° 11639-04 of SME)
M1 (PV n° 9154-00 of SNPE)
INSTALLATION on T24, T15 or Fineline
open-joints • visible structure
ideal for refurbishment
Checkerboard installation recommended
see the sketche

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Download the declaration of performance Ekosound

Installation guidelines

On-site fabrication conditions

We recommend that tiles are stocked in an area of low humidity.
Before installation, the Microsound tiles need a min. 48 hour acclimatisation period in opened packs, on the site where they will be installed.

On-site conditions

The cement and plasterworks must be dry. Rooms must be water-free. They must have been heated or air-conditioned for at least 24 hours. The temperature must not be below 15°C. The ambient air humidity rate during the acclimatisation period must range between 40 % and 60 %. If the room is likely to be exposed to significant humidity variations, please consult us.