Oberflex is enriching its “Prestige d’Oberflex” collection

Back to basics …. with 13 new references.

Oberflex is enriching its flagship collection “Prestige d’Oberflex” and chooses to enhance 5 timeless wood species which never ceased to be used in interior design projects: Oak, Walnut, Elm, Ash and Sycamore.

Beyond their aesthetic characteristics, and either their elegant and smooth grain or their intense and decorative aspects, those wood species are harvested in the North hemisphere. As such, they follow strictly the requirements for traceability and supply chain criteria from sustainably managed forests.



Scientific name : Acer pseudoplatanus.
Sycamore is one of the most sought after continental wood specie. Its elegant appearance is brought out by its white to light yellow-white color and its distinctive and uniform grain.

Sycamore T800         Sycamore T801         Sycamore T802


American Elm

Scientific name : Ulmus carpinifolia, Ulmus glabra
Its vivid grain and ribbon structure give American Elm an interesting decorative aspect. The Elm texture is brought out by these veneer specificities and its elegance is enhanced by its typical golden- brown radiant tones

Elm T334



Scientific name : Quercus Alba
Well known for its durability and longevity, Oak presents a medium texture with vivid grain. This wood specie is characterized by its specific grain, its lovely flowered aspect or its long and wide straight grain in yellow to light brown tones.

Barrois Oak               Oak T335             Oak T336

Oak  T337               Oak T338               Oak T339


American Walnut

Scientific name : Juglans nigra
This particularly elegant wood specie presents gray to intense golden-brown tones. With its flamed /flowered aspect enhanced by an intense chocolate-brown grain, the walnut veneer participates in creating a noble atmosphere.

Walnut T267            Walnut T269



Scientific name : Fraxinus excelsior.
With its porous and deep grain, Ash offers a characteristic and expressive personality. Ash is one of the most sought after hard woods for its white to yellow-white or yellow-red tones.

Ash T729