Make up for emissions

Ober Surfaces & EcoTree
A noble partnership for the lumber industry

Ober Surfaces is a company already known for its commitment to the future of its environment. This is evidenced by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) certifications we have received, our eco-designed products, the rational management of our company, and the use of recycled wood.

We aim for excellence through a rigorous approach to quality made possible by our environmental policy, which ensures the manufacturing of panels that meet the objectives of HQE-certified projects.

However, we wanted to go further in relation to our carbon footprint, and as such, we have decided to plant 1,500 trees through EcoTree. Trees are genuine carbon sinks and will make up for a significant portion of our annual emissions.

EcoTree is rallying the French around a major challenge: to renew and sustainably manage French forests. This start-up company was founded on the observation that environmental action was not sufficiently valued in France. The founders then proceeded to buy several forests with a view to managing them in a sustainable manner thanks to the expertise of their qualified forest management teams. Today, they are offering an opportunity to anyone to become a tree owner in those forests.


A meaningful environmental gesture


  • Trees boost biodiversity by providing shelter, food, and protection to several species of birds, insects, small mammals, mushrooms, etc.
  • They serve as shelter for animals and facilitate the transition of beneficial species toward the crops.
  • The extinction of a single plant species can cause the extinction of 30 animal species. The biological and environmental richness of forests is the source of life.


  • Trees structure landscapes and prevent erosion. They stabilize and regulate soil hydrology and groundwater table levels.
  • They improve agricultural crop yields and foster economic diversification for farmers. Their economic and social functions contribute to the well-being of the population.


  • Trees produce the oxygen that we need and improve air quality by acting as air filters.
  • They help to combat climate imbalance by sequestering carbon dioxide.
  • They help to curb extreme climate variations through evapotranspiration, and to locally limit extreme climatic phenomena like droughts and floods.