A unique suspended ceiling made entirely of metal

Striving to infuse this reception area with a veritable design personality and optimize the acoustic experience, the client, together with his project manager, naturally opted for Tectonique 5.5 suspended ceilings by Ober Surfaces. The model they chose, "Séisme", has a finish composed of 4 different patterns of Pure Paper Metal for an aesthetically flowing and pared-down look.

suspended ceiling

Hendaye – Example of a Tectonique 5.5 Oberflex ceiling treated with Pure Paper Metal in patterns 4041, 4042, 4045 and 4049.  

Make Way for the Modern

The different versions of Pure Paper Metals applied to the Tectonique 5.5 ceiling give it a particularly striking appearance. At least 4 Pure Paper Metal patterns blend together to create a bold, undulating, "metallic patchwork" effect.  The luminous layer highlitghts the 4 patterns of metal, enhancing their sparkle. The overall effect creates a perfect ambiance for the center's cultural events and performances. Mr. Vieira, Director of the Denentzat Community Center is delighted and "impressed by the aesthetic quality of the ceiling, which is very original and in a class of its own."

Effective Collaboration for an Impeccable Setup

"This is the first time we have been contracted to install a Tectonique 5.5 ceiling from Ober Surfaces. We are very proud of the result!" says Mr. Aramendi, installer from the Aquitaine Isol team. We also appreciate the technical support from Ober Surfaces' Design department, who worked with us to develop the most suitable installation solution for the configuration of the space".

The instructions provided and the way the various components are packaged helped us to understand the assembly procedure in no time and install the ceiling easily.

The TECTONIQUE 5.5 concept of suspended ceilings is now available in the different finishes offered by Ober Surfaces, Oberflex, Marotte, and Pure Paper.

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