Obersound is very popular among users

November 2016 – An extremely rare occurrence. The employees of a bank in Kansas (USA) demanded that the acoustic performance of the videoconference room at their brand new headquarters be tested. An acoustic engineering firm was immediately commissioned to perform a series of on-site tests. In the end, the entire building was tested, including the areas equipped with Obersound Micro-perforated acoustic panels.


150 Sq. m. of Obersound Micro-perforated acoustic panels in natural oak wood can be admired in the entrance hall of the regional branch of the American AG Credit Union Facility in Kansas. For this project, which was completed in June 2016, the SPT Architecture architectural firm also recommended a large quantity of non-perforated panels made of the same wood.

An unexpected test after installation
Initially, the firm was commissioned to test only the acoustics of the videoconference room that the employees were complaining about - they went as far as comparing it to a basketball gymnasium, but in the end, they decided to test all the areas in the building.
Evidence-based and reliable results
In the entrance hall, where Obersound Micro-perforated acoustic panels proudly take center stage, the tests results exceeded expectations. The acoustic performance of the 200 Sq. m of panels proved to be even better than the results of tests performed in a laboratory! Indeed, the results concord with the information submitted by Ober. They even exceed the reported performance in high frequency ranges. The acoustic efficiency of Obersound Micro-perforated acoustic panels is recognized and valued. For Ober, already the recipient of several distinctions for its innovation, this is a badge of reliability and savoir-faire.

 In brown, the official Obersound performances, in red, the results of the tests performed on Obersound Micro-perforated acoustic panels installed in the lobby of the American AG Credit Union Facility. (Source: Henderson Engineers).