Selection of species with strong singularities

The Prestige d’Oberflex collection is the largest range of laminated wood veneers. 8 new wood species with very daring characteristics have now been included in this collection, increasing the number of available wood species to 36. Whether natural or slightly tinted, each specie is proposed in several finishes, offering in this collection alone, a total of over 500 references.
The arrival of these new wood species once again confirms Ober as a leading specialist in real wood veneers laminate.

1 - American Elm
One of the largest hardwood trees of the American East, it has a wide, open grain which offers a rustic appearance.

2 - Philippines Ebony
This precious, refined wood from Asia is appreciated for its grain featuring alternatively very dark lines and other lighter and reddish lines.

3 - Black Limba
This African specie, from the forests of Guinea, has a high proportion of light yellow sapwood around its edges. The centre of the logs offer different colouring, ranging from light grey to brown.

4 - Knotty Pine
Knotty pine is a European wood recognisable from its grain contrasting strongly with the softwood parts. Its carefully preserved knots are bringing a
very distinctive look to this specie.

5 - Tinéo
Also called Indian apple tree, Tineo comes from South America. It is reddish brown, featuring dark brown to black grain, providing a very fine decorative appearance. See more about this product.

6 - Knotty Oak
This wood set itself apart due to its dark brown to black knots which are the result of growth of branches from which only the base remains. The aesthetic appearance of each log is unique due to the density and size of its knots.

7 - Olive Ash
Best known for its white-yellow veneer, its heartwood may also feature interwoven grain. This characteristic colouring is similar to the colouring of olive wood.

8 - Eucalyptus
This wood from Galicia, very linear and slightly flowered, could be a cross between anigre and oak. It presents a nice uniformity and has a silky appearance.

Download the Presentation of the new Prestige d'Oberflex references