Door trim

Oberflex offers thin real wood laminates, which can be glued on to all types of doors : landing doors, fire retardant doors, anti-vandal doors, thermally-insulated doors or acoustics doors...

Carpenters, fitters and door manufacters recommend the Oberflex laminates for their easy application.

With a rich product offer of more than 500 references, Oberflex offers the most extensive range of decorative wood solutions in the world. Oberflex specializes in wooden decorative panels for interior fitting, and offers the opportunity to match door coverings with other panels used either for walls, ceilings, floorings, claddings of furniture. 


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Advantages of the Oberflex finish 

As the doors are often subjected to heavy use, Oberflex offers a special finish which is more resistant than a varnish against impact, scratch, U.V, light and which is easy to maintain.

Use a cloth soaked in soapy water or liquid detergent. After rinsing, wipe with a soft clean cloth,or even better, with a chamois leather. 

Suitable sizes 

Oberflex laminates are available in optimised sizes, which are suitable for doors uses. They are offered in both vertical or horizontal wood grains. 



A wide range of decorative wood solutions 

Oberflex door solutions are available in more than 500 references in 6 collections : Textured wood collections, Natural shades, Spiced wood, Prestige d'Oberflex, Sablés in matte finish and Chic & Pop .  


5 finishes are available for the door solutions : 

  Satin, gives the look and feel of waxed wood. 

Matte, enhances the natural look of the veneer.

   Pearlescent, gives silky and metal effects to the veneer.

  Brushed, combines the natural look of the Matte effect with the feel of raw wood.  

   Relief, combines the look of the Satin effect with the genuine relief of the wood.


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 Download the documentation "The door solutions"