Flexible panel composed of 3- of unfinished veneer laminated together and textured. To be finished.

The product

Delivered unfinished, you have the possibility to choose the finish : polish, stained, varnish...

The 3DPLY sheets enable you to obtain a finish without any black line on the edges (no kraft paper).


COMPOSITION 3DPLY is composed of 3 ply veneer : 1 ply forming the decorative side, consisting of natural sliced veneer sheets, finger jointed and textured, mounted on 2 ply (under layer) composed of natural veneer (jointed or peeled)
JOINTING bookmatched or random-matched (depends on the references)

Defibrated not sanded veneer surface

DIMENSIONS standards :
305 x 127 cm • 252 x 127 cm
doors :
215 x 95 cm • 215 x 127 cm?• 305 x 95 cm • 252 x 95 cm?

Consult 3DPLY references

THICKNESS 13/10e mm 

Cold bending up to a 10 cm radius either parallel or perpendicular to the wood grain.

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Installation guidelines


Bioply and 3Dply panels are composed of real wood veneer and therefore sensitive to temperature and hygrometry variations. Panels should be stored flat in a closed environment with a hygrometry level between 40 to 60%.


To avoid panels with bioply (or 3DPLY) to wrap, tension on both faces should be the balanced. A bioply (or 3DPLY) panel of same thickness should be use on both faces, using the same adhesive. Balancing with other counterface can be done, after tests, and without any guarantee from Oberflex.


Choice of adhesive is to be made according to substrate an final usage of the product.

The surface to be glued must be sound, thoroughly dry, clean and free of dust, wood chips and oil.

Press Gluing

Gluing with the use of a press is the safest method. Conventional adhesives normally applied to laminates are recommended (vinyl glue, formol urea glue, etc...). When gluing with a hot press, do not exceed 60°C. Above that temperature, there would be risks of creating tension harmful to effective adhesion.

Note: For 3Dply panels, use a a press bearing that will adapt to the texture without distorting it.

Gluing without a press

A number of neoprene glues that are available on the market may be used. Glue at ambient temperature between 18°C and 22°C with a 40 to 60% relative humidity rating. For the application of the glue, be sure to follow the manufacturer's adhesive recommendations, especially the application and tack time anf flash time instructions.

Note : Not enough evaporation time (flash time) may lead to incomplete evaporation of solvents (weaker glue bond). Too long evaporation time may lead to a bad adhesion of the 2 sealant films and gives a bad support of the 2 films.


The winding must be done in the two directions, from the center outward. It is important to pay attention to the edges of the panel.

Machining, Sawing, Drilling

Machining, drilling and sawing operations are easier than on any laminate panel. That is why the machines commonly used for laminate machining are ideal.

Note : For aesthetic reasons, do not perforate 3Dply panels.


Panels are delivered sanded (150grit). However, before applying the finish, it is recommended to realize a slight sanding. For 3Dply panels, use a non woven abrasive sheet like Scotch-brite of 150 and then 240 grit. Special attention is to be paid not to even out the texture.

Bioply and 3Dply are made of non defibrated layers of veneers. However it is advised, before applying the first coat of varnish, to apply a pore filler. The use of a polyurethane varnish is recommended.


OBER guarantees the intrinsic quality of its panels as having the technical features described in this document. Due to the use of genuine wood veneer, slight surface irregularities or colour shade nuances are considered to be normal and do not represent a defect. Due to their nature, the panels react like all woods and discolouring as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight or moonlight should in no way considered as a material defect. In the event of a dispute, the guarantee and liability of OBER will be limited to the free supply of non- fabricated panels to replace defective ones.