Composed of a patented mounting system and lightened tiles, Tectonique 5.5 is easy to grasp. Installation requires no special tools and all the markers are adjusted and adapted for mounting and removal which is both simple and accurate. An installation guide and a predefined drawing for each model provides fast understanding of the system.

A unique mounting system

The tile hooks are supported by the main runners. All aligned in the same plane, they are set out at intervals defined according to the model concerned.

The angles and staggering between the tiles are obtained by 3 different hooks of variable heights ( 75 mm, 175 mm and 275 mm). The precise locations of the hooks on the back of the tiles are pre-defined and contribute to the play of overlays and angles.

Easier installation

The first step is to define the position of the ceiling according to an axis or one side of the room. Once the fastening profiles are attached at regular intervals (max. 1200 mm) on the primary ceiling, simply assemble the hangers, clip the spacers and insert the main runners.

Once the structure is in place, the wooden tiles can be placed into position on the main runners.